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Kentucky State Championships Experience

First the ground rules. This is one man's view. Hopefully it will not be a bitch session. This match had some good points. Like it didn't cost much because you did not shoot a lot. Well, not too much of a bitch session. Let's go over the good points. Beeeuuuuutiful club acreage. The pistol club seemed to be crammed into the ravine in the back forty but that was OK.

Now you must understand. I am spoiled by attending MuleCamp (10-9-2 or 4 all stages) and the Susqehanna Shootout (10-bunch-2 to at least 6). All close and fast.

Kentucky? Started on stage 10. 40 yard rifle shots. Five pistol. No shotgun. Picked up pistol and rifle from blanket under horse. Don't you hate it when you pay 300 plus for leather and they make you put your pistol on the table, in the box, or on a blanket? 1 through 7 was a mix of guns. One just two pistols. One or two one pistol and a shotgun, no rifle etc. 8-9-10 shot on a flat shooting range side by side. All had 40 yard rifle targets. On 8, rifle and shotgun. 9 was rifle and pistol.

Wonder how low their badge numbers are?

Looked forward to some limbering up with speed matches. Didn't have any. I don't know.

Man did we luck out on the weather. Saturday, breezy, cloudy, probably mid 70s. Sunday a little warmer but beautiful. Waited on the posse in front of us some but no big deal.

Deputy Gene dropped a shot or two but times were great. Renegade Roxanne did well for herself. Needs to get a 97. Give them ladies heck. Does real well with the pistols.

Had a great posse. DG, RR, Jack Be Nimble, Jill, Duplin Kid, Mad Sevenů..I mean Svienn. Red Cent. Went smooth. Unless you count the time I told Mad he was out and he had one left. Intentions were good but he can get real testy.

Boy this does sound like a bitch session. But I guess I am spoiled by Statesville, Charlotte, and yeah, Cajun, Salisbury. Now I must state here that the experience is like the kind between a man and a (good lookin') woman. Any is great. Yes, I got to shoot a match. Yes, I missed a few. My fault. Could I have set up a better match? Yeah. Would I go back? Same match? No. They may move the match Hooter ville. Or is that Hooten? About 2 1/2 hours closer.

Did I mention the clubhouse? Saw it from afar. Looked like a lodge with about 30 rooms. Big mother. I would like to have the money they have in asphalt. I mean it takes 4-5 minutes to drive from the front gate to the pistol range on a paved road. Not straight either. Motorcycle course.

Yeah, this is second guessing or 20-20 hindsight. Any kind of article written after the fact is. Great folks. Good hosts. Wonder what they would say about how I would set up the targets? Oh yeah, the targets. Sam, you could have done ok. The one person (a lady) I saw that shot a .32 knocked over the plates. The other targets were setting on a stand and hanging at a 45-degree angle with the top closer to you. I hate it when they do that. Afraid of splash I guess. Hard to hit. Of course Jerry Dove (Marshall Jesse Earp) got lucky and hit all but one. I guess he likes targets at 45 degrees. And they need to attend Claybird 101.

But I still had a good time. Met my oldest son and his wife at the Country Hearth Inn (nice place) and put up with Jack at dinner. After 3rd Jack Daniels and coke, who cares. Stephanie recommended the coconut shrimp. I second that motion. Enjoyed Gunther Cartwright and his wife also. Another old fart (not his wife) that shoots pretty good. Saturday night pigged out on ribs. Should have some nice pictures from Jeff (oldest) downloaded to nccowboys pretty soon.

PS. Number Uno was there and rumor has it he spoke to the powers that be about the match setup.

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