Howdy to the Wire!

I have to say, this is my most favorite post yet!!! Thanks to all of you who have casted a vote for yours truly. I'm honored and flattered to be included in the company of some of the finest shooters I've ever met!

Let me sieze this opportunity to gauge interest in a speed shooting "event" that Quick Cal and I cooked up and discussed at length at EoT. Baltimore Bullet mentioned a fine fellow by the name of Jerry Miculek in his response. Jerry is undeniably the fastest double-action wheelgunner on the planet. I've had the priveledge of shooting against this fine gentleman on numerous occasions in the past, and he is truly an unbelievable shooting athlete.

Jerry has shot a recognized "world record" run with his S&W double-action 6 shooter (as opposed to his 8-shooter). For the American Shooter cameras, Jerry fired 6 rounds at a Bianchi target positioned 7 yards downrange, reloaded (with .38 super cartridges in a full moon clip) and fired 6 more rounds at the same target. Not only did he hit the target everytime, he shot a pretty respectable group! His first to last shot time (subtracting the time from the "beep" to the first shot-basically analagous to our draw time) was 2.99 seconds for the 12 shots.

There is a substantial difference between "competitors" like Jerry Miculek and the top SASS shooters and "exhibition shooters" like some of the other folks named in this post. The "competitor" can pretty much perform on command, shooting any target array with impressive speed and accuracy. "Exhibition" shooters, self-proclaimed "fastest" guns and "world record" holders, pretty much stick to whatever they do in their exhibitions. Seldom do they step "outside the box". Maybe they fear losing credibility if they are bested, but the fact remains that most of them will not compete or answer to challenges (and my pard Cal has thrown down some SERIOUS gauntlets in the past). This is NOT to say that they can't shoot, and shoot extremely well. But there is a difference between "smoke and mirrors" and "the real deal".

So....for the last year I've been developing "standard exercise" drills so that shooters can gauge themselves against other shooters by how well they perform on these standard exercises. One of the drills is the "Miculek Drill". The "Miculek Drill" is a little different because it is shot with the six guns fully loaded with 6 rounds. As such, not all shooters who participate in CAS should attempt this drill with the full complement of rounds due to safety concerns. If you shoot guns with transfer bars, however, blaze away!!!

The drill is performed on a 16"x24" rectangle positioned at 7 yards. The first gun can either start holstered or in hand. The second gun must be holstered. On the start signal, engage the target with SIX rounds, holster the first gun, draw the second gun and re-engage the target with SIX rounds. Write down your total time. Review the shots on the timer and write down the time to the first shot. Subtract this time from your total time to calculate your "first to last shot" time. This is how Jerry Miculek's time for his World Record run was calculated. Remember...the record run was 2.99 seconds...

I shoot this drill starting with both guns holstered, hands relaxed at my sides not touching my guns. My best total time for this drill is 3.55 seconds with a .87 second draw for a first to last shot time of 2.68 seconds for 12 shots, clean. I have a short video I produced for fun and I re-shot the drill for the video. On tape, I have a 3.67 second clean run with a .92 second draw for a first to last shot time of.....2.75 seconds.

Quick Cal reviewed my video at EoT and agreed to go home and practice duplicating my "Miculek" drill. When he is ready, we are going to issue a "challenge" to all of the known exhibition shooters, and any CAS shooters, to come and shoot the drill for the recognized single action World Record. Hopefully, with Quick Cal's influence, we can entice some of the shooting shows to record and televise the event.

SO....Would this be of interest to anyone? If so, posts your responses on this thread or drop me an e-mail.

And again....Thank You for all of the kind words and votes! I'm running out of $20 bills so you can all stop at any time!!!

Good Shootin' to all!

T.G. Reaper


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